About Us

Building partnerships between financial leaders,
startups, and universities

The Boston Financial Services Leadership Council (BFSLC) brings together financial services CEOs and senior executives, public officials, higher education leaders, and startup businesses to improve competitiveness and advocate for the sector in Massachusetts.

Financial Technology Boston is a flagship BFSLC initiative.

BFSLC members are shaping the future of financial services
in the region.

  • Creating a hub for the financial services industry
  • Sponsoring networking opportunities with emerging businesses and talent
  • Offering recruiting events at leading universities
  • Providing leadership on state and federal financial technology policy agendas

Boston at the crossroads of finance and technology

Boston is among the top financial centers in the world and has a long history of leadership in the sector. As technology takes an ever more important role in growing the industry, Boston is also uniquely poised to shape the next generation of FinTech.

According to a 2015 University of Massachusetts report1, the state can expect to have 120,000 big data-related jobs by 2018. With millions of current customers and accountholders, 171,000 local financial services jobs, and an equal number of professional services jobs supporting the sector, financial services is a major driver of the regional technology economy.

1 Data Science for the Commonwealth, University of Massachusetts, 2015.

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